Dream Makers

The Dream Center is dedicated to those who are in desperate need of a dream, along with those who have tasted the goodness of God and desire to pass it on to others.

A dream could be rekindled through an adult life skills class, opening a door of opportunity. A dream could be restored through the simple act of serving a meal to the hungry, providing clothes to the needy, or by offering up a prayer for one in spiritual darkness. 

The Lubbock Dream Center has a mandate from God to establish His Kingdom through compassion ministries that meet basic, natural needs in the lives of people in our community. As life's needs are met, we believe hearts will be opened to the message and power of the Gospel, and true transformation will take place.

A Dream Maker is anyone who contributes $30 or more per month to the Lubbock Dream Center.

The Dream Makers are a vital part of supporting the many programs and operations of the Lubbock Dream Center.

They are truly the backbone of the work God is doing in the community of Lubbock. Your monthly support makes you an essential part of impacting individuals and restoring hope to the hopeless by providing food, clothing, education, childcare, life recovery, spiritual guidance, community outreach, and much more! 

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us in this exciting opportunity. Your contribution could be the beginning of restoring hope and building a dream! The Dream Center is grateful for all financial support, whether a monthly pledge or a one-time gift. You are appreciated, and your support will make an eternal impact.  

CLICK HERE to become a Dream Maker or contact us at info@lubbockdreamcenter.org